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We specialize in strategic business development, transformation services
and innovative optimization solutions.
Diverse experience

QGS’s highly experienced team of Project Managers & Consultants work with leading corporations to design, develop & implement unique solutions to achieve process optimization & operational excellence. For over forty years, our Consultants have delivered custom innovations & new technology to many companies, including over 100 “Fortune 500” corporations.

Understanding of organizations

As a result of QGS’s extensive collaborations with over 130 large-scale organizations, our consulting team has compiled a portfolio of unique methodologies for effectively analyzing & understanding an organization’s current need for improvement. Our own organization’s diverse culture and collective global experiences are indicative of our ability to support our clients achieving their business goals with optimum efficiency.

Large database of best practices

Our comprehensive database of best practices contains over 200 successful project break downs outlining the overall journey, solution methodology, noteworthy achievements & ultimate project outcomes. Each project file also includes a “Lessons Learned” booklet which contains noteworthy observations from the design, planning, & transition phases of the completed project. Our current pool of best practices covers most all service industries in the domains of Sourcing & Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Business Management, IT Services and Lean & Six Sigma.

We stand behind our philosophy

Partnership, not competition

QGS’s consultants analyze our client’s technology & business needs by utilizing our high levels of advisory, diagnostic, & operational expertise; connecting clients with the most qualified service providers, offering competitive prices & delivering ideal solutions.

A partnership is stronger than the sum of its parts

Service Provider Partners

In order to deliver seamless, high-quality, end-to-end solutions, our Project Managers & Consultants utilize our extensive partner network of both internal & external service providers located in different regions.

Business Developers

QGS’s business development professionals regularly engage in a wide range of networking opportunities that benefit our clients by providing access to a global marketplace of innovative solutions & best in class development opportunities.

Project Managers

QGS’s board of Project Managers offer a high level of expertise in risk & conflict management to assist with even the most difficult transitions. Our Project Managers’ achievements have resulted in extraordinary project outcomes & a high level of client satisfaction.

What do we do?

Quest Global Solutions

The QGS team specializes in supporting our clients in desired areas of strategic business development, business transformation services & innovative optimization solutions.

Quest Global Solutions is a privately held corporation with a principle headquarters located in Atlanta, Ga in the Southeastern United States. The company was founded in 2016 as a division of the Quest Companies Group founded in 2011. Currently Quest maintains sales offices and collaborates with sales representatives in United States, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania & UAE.

Strategic Business Development

Our strategic roadmap helps companies get ahead of their competition by utilizing our practice proven solutions in the areas of cost reduction, optimization, technology & service/product exceptionality. After solutions are implemented our clients will also benefit from any strategic partnership or gainsharing opportunity QGS can source or create.

Business Transformation Services

Successful entrepreneurs develop the ability to navigate frequent & rapid changes in market trends. When the only certainty seems to be constant change, don’t panic! QGS’s consultants are here to advise, to detect, & to fix any problem!

Innovative Optimization Solutions

QGS’s consulting team supports our clients with careful attention in order to maximize operational efficiency, generate a measurable return on investments, create solutions to the toughest challenges & design quick-win projects which can be implemented within any industry to create an immediate impact.

We Have Solid Foundations

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Why Quest Global Solutions?

Because we are Global!

With our network of consulting partners, currently active in over 10 countries around the globe, you can be certain QGS is your primary resource for navigating international business expansions!

US and Canada

Atlanta GA, US

Los Angeles CA, US

Toronto, Canada

Europe and Middle East

Lodz, Poland

Dublin, Ireland

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

Bucharest, Romania

Dubai, UAE

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We regulary partner with our clients to implement both strategic and tactical solutions that make meaningful business performance improvements.

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